Advanced Row-Level Filtering in Tableau

One of the biggest problems you’re going to run into while publishing to Tableau Server is how to deal with data security. Implementing Row-level security isn’t quite the most straight-forward thing to do within Tableau, but it is possible. In fact, Tableau has an option called “Create User Filter” to try to make this easier. However – that built in feature is very manual and only works for a small group of people or very specific circumstances. Chances are you are going to need something a bit more advanced. There are several different types of row-level security that you may want based upon the business need. See below for our agenda today. “I want a dashboard that filters for data related directly to the user viewing the dashboard.”“I want a dashboard that filters for data related to a particular user’s group, LOB, etc.”“I only want users within a particular AD group to see data on this dashboard.”Final thoughts: Security Check The Tableau packaged...
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