Google Sheets Gantt Chart

Just something I thought was a little interesting - I couldn't find any free Gantt chart web-based apps that were easily shareable (preferably in Google Docs). So, I built one using Google sheets. It's not perfect, and only has very basic functionality. It's a perfect chart for running through basic timing and milestones (particularly for a research project, which is why it's geared toward organizing a dissertation). Click below to make a copy of the link for your own usage. It does assume a level of familiarity with Excel/Sheets and the familiarity with formulas. Google Sheets Link All you need to do is the following: Add new rows if neededEdit/Add dates if needed across columnsCopy down formulas in your new rows/columns from existing (included the hidden column H), make sure to special paste formulas only so the formatting doesn't get thrown offSet your start date / due date (A light blue line will generate)Set the percentage done in the PCT OF TASK COMPLETE...
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