On-Air video monitoring device

I thought it would be interesting, and incredibly useful, to build a device that displays a visual cue when my laptops webcam is turned on. I work from home and I'm in a large amount of video meetings either on Zoom or Google Meet. This handy device helps others in the household know when I'm on a video call without needing to see the screen. GitHub Repository containing full code I based my work largely on another great tutorial I found here on medium: https://edransit.medium.com/an-on-air-sign-with-iot-5bf2f2bc7dc9 The principle is the same, but things are a bit updated and expanded. I needed this to work on both my MacBook and my Linux laptop. Hardware: ESP32 microcontrollerNeopixel LED stripWooden boxTranslucent Plexiglass (3mm)Micro USB cordMosquitto Broker Server Mosquitto Server: The original tutorial utilizes an Arduino to run the broker. However, Arduinos are currently like gold because of the chip shortage and are both hard and expensive to find. Since I already have a server at home running TrueNAS, I spun up...
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LDA Topic Analysis with Gensim in Python

As part of a project, I needed to write a class for LDA with Gensim. I thought I would share it here... It's based on another tutorial I found online, but it's been modified and is a bit more reusable now. Readme is located in the repository here. ...
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