Integrate Tableau and SSRS – A complete tutorial

One of the most difficult part of Business Intelligence is finding the right tool for the right situation. Too often folks will discover Tableau and use it for every single bit of reporting they need, including data that used to be in Excel. The problem is, they will utilize Tableau as if it was a glorified Excel replacement and try to mimic Excels features. Unfortunately if there is one thing Tableau does horrible, it is display large amounts of raw data. Tableau is great at visualizations, which is the wheelhouse it should stay in. However - there is often a legitimate need to not only get at the raw data, but display it in a "prettier" format. Viewing data within Tableau isn't a great experience. Often it's littered with calculations you don't want to see, and users want you to organize the raw data (maybe add some nice headers). None of this is really possible or practical within Tableau. But -...
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