A photographic travel journal

This is a trip that my wife an I took to London in February of 2020. We were extremely lucky and took/finished this trip just 1-2 weeks before the global outbreak of COVID-19. I’m writing this in a statewide quarantine as we speak with over 100k people in the US infected and growing – luckily we’re not in that category as of now. In February everything was perfectly normal overseas and we had a great time. I believe this place tops the list in terms of the most fun we’ve ever had exploring a city. We took a food tour from this company, and funny enough we ended up being the only people so it was highly personalized. The one big thing we learned is that we should have bought a 7-day Oyster pass for the tube – we spent a lot of extra money on day passes until we realized our mistake halfway through. I believe we hit just about every major attraction, along with Highclere castle for the Downton Abbey fans and the Warner Bros. Studio tour for Harry Potter fans. This is definitely going to be a place for repeat visits (once the crisis is over and we can travel again). What follows is the map and pics as usual…

Travel Map


Full photographic set on Flickr