A photographic travel journal

This is a trip that my wife an I took to New Zealand in August/September of 2019. This country competes with Iceland for the title of “most beautiful landscapes”. In actuality I found a lot of similarities. Many of the geothermal features could have fooled you into thinking you were in Iceland. However – the massive amounts of lush rainforests was uniquely New Zealand. We stuck to the north island and spent a week driving from Auckland down to Wellington, something I highly recommend. Auckland wasn’t our favorite city, and Wellington even less so. It was more the in-between bits that we were interested in. In fact, sitting right off the cost of Auckland is an island called Waiheke, which I could have spent a week lounging on. We took a wine tour our first day and it was incredibly unique. My second favorite place was a city called Napier. The entire downtown is done up in art deco, and although the locals told us why I have forgotten and I’m a bit too lazy to look it up. However, the views are astounding with pebble beaches. For Lord of the Rings fans, we spent an evening at Hobbiton with their “Evening banquet tour”. It was expensive, very much so, but if you aren’t going to New Zealand very often then I highly recommend spending the cash. You get the whole place to yourselves for an evening and have dinner in the Green Dragon Inn, followed by a second torch lit tour. It does feel and look like you’re in the movies. Don’t forget to follow that up with a visit to Weta workshop in Wellington. Following that are a sampling of pictures from the trip.

Travel Map


Full photographic set on Flickr